Fixing Your Lancaster OH AC Unit

Dirty filters can cause your unit to work harder, inhibiting the airflow and reducing the effectiveness of your A/C. Clean filters work more efficiently and allow less strain on your unit. Always check that you have a clean filter before calling for professional help.

Broken cooling units can be frustrating, but this problem is usually easy to fix by yourself with some basic tools and a few simple steps:

  • Turn off the A/C at the thermostat.
  • Remove the grill from the front of your unit.
  • Check for a burnt-out fuse or blown breaker. If there is one, replace it and wait ten minutes before turning on your A/C again.
  • Turn your fan too high and turn on all other electronics in the room, such as lights and appliances.
  • Using a screwdriver, take off the front panel of your unit. You will see the fan motor and compressor, or condenser coil.
  • Check to see if there is an ice build-up on the coils and defrost them with a hairdryer, gentle pressure from a rubber mallet, or a scraper.
  • Replace the panel and your A/C will be as good as new.

If your unit is not blowing cold air as it should, first check that the outdoor unit is plugged in and turned on. Check for blown fuses or broken breakers at the outdoor unit as well by turning off your A/C at the thermostat and checking the main panel.

One of the most common reasons for an A/C unit to stop working is a lack of proper maintenance by the homeowner. It is important to check filters regularly, clean coils in-between seasons, and avoid things like animal or insect nests that can clog your outdoor unit. Call a professional when in doubt, but taking some simple precautions can greatly extend the lifespan of your unit and save you money in the future.


Things To Keep In Mind When Repairing A Broken Lancaster Air Conditioner


If you notice that your system isn’t cooling your house like it used to, don’t freak out.  Your unit may just need a minor repair to get it back up and running like before.  For example, if your thermostat or condenser is low on refrigerant, you will find that the compressor isn’t running and your air conditioner shuts off after a while.  This problem would be solved by adding refrigerant to your air conditioner.  Most times, it doesn’t cost much to have this done.

When you notice something wrong with your AC system, don’t try to fix it yourself unless you have the tools and knowledge to do so.  A professional contractor will take care of all repairs for you at a fair price.  Your air conditioner repair tech will also have experience in performing all types of AC repairs, so you can rest assured that your system is being fixed by a professional.

If the cost to repair your AC system is more than what you wish to spend, contact your local HVAC contractor for information about financing options from trusted financing companies.  They will guide you on how to properly maintain your air conditioning system so that you won’t find yourself in this predicament again.

There is no reason to go through an entire summer without having an air conditioner when there are qualified professionals who can perform quick and efficient repairs for you.  Have your AC repaired as soon as you notice something wrong?

Don’t let your AC system go unserviced simply because you don’t want to pay for repairs.  Schedule an appointment with a local HVAC contractor to have it repaired as soon as possible because chances are, the majority of problems can be fixed quickly and moderately priced.


Call An Air Conditioning Repair Service Immediately!


Air conditioning repair service might be needed more often than you expected. So before your air conditioner fails, it’s best to prepare yourself by finding a company that offers free estimates. It is important to have your AC system checked out at least once or twice each year so you can catch small problems before they become big problems.

Air conditioning repair service done by a professional can often prevent future problems. This cost savings can be seen in the form of lower energy bills and a longer operating lifespan for the air conditioner. Getting a free estimate from a local company with trained repair technicians is easy, whether you use the internet or call directly.

There are many types of air conditioning repair services that can be done to your home. Examples include: installing central ac, fixing broken vents, cleaning the inside and outside of the coil, repairing or replacing fuses, servicing compressors, and more.

The maintenance cost for an AC unit varies greatly depending on your location, the size of your unit, and how old it is. If you’re looking to install an AC system, it’s best to get quotes from several companies so you can compare prices and find the most affordable option for you.